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nobuta_power's Journal

Nobuta to Shuji to Akira
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This is a community for people who love the japanese drama Nobuta wo Produce.

Seishun Amigo, willow tree, evil girl, cutest little brother ever...
If you know of such things, then you probably belong here!!!!
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The Rules

1. Post! Opinions on any ep are very very welcome.

2. Lj-cuts must be used for: giant pictures, spoilers.

2b. Policy on spoilers:
- Number of episode should be mentioned somewhere before the cut.
- Just be sensible about it. Not everyone has the means to download it as fast.

3. Pics are allowed and loved! Icons are great, but Nobuta wo Produce related only.

Kame and Yamapi together = sweet.
Either one alone in a school uniform = sweet, PLEASE post.
Kat-tun and NewS dressed like rabbits = a bit of a stretch, rethink posting it.

4. If you request something, please do it in addition to a normal entry. (Normal entries do not include introductory posts.

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Shuji to Akira are the best love ever!
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